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23. Nonlinear Buckling of Shell

ANALYS: euler geomet linear nonlin stabil static.
CONSTR: suppor.
ELEMEN: curved q20sh shell.
LOAD: edge elemen force.
MATERI: elasti isotro.
OPTION: adapti arclen direct lagran loadin newton regula size spheri total units.
POST: binary femvie.
PRE: femgen.
RESULT: buckli displa modes total values.
Figure 23.1: Cylinder
...enterline{\raise 6.7cm\box\graph}
In this example an Euler buckling analysis and a nonlinear buckling analysis of a shell structure will be performed. The structure is a complete cylinder [Fig.23.1a]. We will model only the half ABP-DCQ.
Because the finite element model comprises only one half of the cylinder, stability analysis can only find symmetrical buckling modes.


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